SeeBrake Real-time Truck & Trailer Brake Monitoring

System Components

Each vehicle SeeBrakeTM system consists of a Controller, a Sensor on each brake, and a Bluetooth sender.

A typical tractor/trailer would have two SeeBrakeTM systems.

A three-axle tractor will have the Controller located by the drive axles. Sensors mounted on all six brakes. The Bluetooth sender would be in the cab.

A two-axle trailer would have the Controller located at the tandem axles. Sensors mounted on all four brakes. The Bluetooth sender would be at the front of the trailer. Note: there are no wired connections between the tractor and trailer.

Each system is configured and calibrated separately. The tractor can disconnect from one trailer and connect to another trailer with the SeeBrake system installed, and the only change is the Bluetooth connection for the phone app.

Both systems would pair up to the Android app.

At the end of a brake event, data will be sent by both the tractor and the trailer to the phone.


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