SeeBrake Real-time Truck & Trailer Brake Monitoring
Double Trailer

SeeBrake Trailer/Payload Savings

The following projected savings are based on assumptions made by professional and credible fleet mechanics. This is not to say that the listed savings applies to all fleets or independents, nor are we saying that you will be limited to only those savings listed.

Payloads [Trailers]

Cost to Fleet due to:

  • Minor accident
  • Major accident
  • Lost Payload due to accidents
  • Late Payloads -- $ 500

SeeBrake will indicate:

  • Air leaks
  • Crimped airlines
  • Bad treadle valves
  • Ruptured diaphragms

Brake Technology Stack:

  1. Automated Collision Avoidance
  2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  3. Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
  4. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The effectiveness of all this technology depends on properly adjusted brakes.

Cost of In-Shop Maintenance

Brake Expense due to out of balance brakes will be:

  • Increased brake wear
  • Tire Wear.
  • Increased brake pad wear.

Reduced effectiveness of the “Brake Stack” will increase overall brake maintenance:

  • Mechanic hourly, Technician hourly, and shop time at $100/hour.
  • Operator problem discussion w/mechanic $50
  • Brake evaluation minimum: $200/hour
  • Brake parts replacement: $1,050

On-Site Brake/Air Canister Inspection and Mainenance

  • Time
  • Parts
  • Operator losses
  • Payload fines for late drop-off.

NOTE: SWTI has only listed that which will be positively affected by using our brake reporting system then only estimated potential average savings.

Other Fleet Brake Expense Factors

  • Loads not balanced.
  • Loads too heavy.
  • Terrain – flat, rolling and or extreme mountainous conditions.
  • Actual condition of the roads regularly travelled e.g. pot holes, aggregate surface causing heavy tire wear that then causes undue stress on brakes when braking.
  • Operator’s braking style: heavy on the brakes or light footed using gears.
  • Weather conditions: ice, heavy rain, high temperatures, wind.
  • Not regularly checking brakes to assure balanced braking.
  • Waiting until something happens with a brake, then fixing it.
  • Failing to conduct pre-trip inspections.

A Complete brake job for trailer costs $2,200 or more.

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